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NEW GASON RELEASE (2013-10-07)


with Musikgruppen RAA


This NEW CD from MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA contains 18 new songs for children with great lyrics in Swedish by Kaj Magnusson, also includes a 20' FILM from the stage show AND a song book with all music, texts and chords - PLAY ALONG!

    Melodier som bedåra...
Axelina Lindholm /

Axelina Lindholm portrays on this CD many of the most beloved performers from the 30's to the 50's, such as Ulla Billquist, Alice Babs, Vera Lynn, Sickan Carlsson, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Wassberg, Zarah Leander and Edith Piaf. Bjarne Löwdin accompany with piano and accordion.



MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA takes a big bite presenting an amazingly filled CD - 79 and a half minutes new RAA versions in Swedish of music created almost 40 years ago by the legendary formers of
The Incredible String Band; Mike Heron/Robin Williamson.
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Fest i byn from Swedish World Music Group MUSIKGRUPPEN RAApresents another VERY packed CD - 79 and a half minutes of pure joy, virtuoso singing and playing and visits to as far between musical fields as Chinese meditation, rumbling Armenian love songs, Transsylvanian wedding music, Irish political upraising and drunken old Swedish women!.

Another CD; Onda Bet, from this almost legendary World Music Group MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA(born in 1973 and still going strong; finding new songs to perform in their totally own way, and also writing new songs in today´s styles and moods, still with the roots in folklore and ethnics.
Briggen Salta Anna with MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA. Join the ship Salty Anne for a trip from Here to There and back, listen to sailor songs from all the world, performed as on the ship, with screaming seagulls, waves, storm, pirates, whales and excitement.

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